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Effectively marketing a commercial property can be daunting.  Aerial photography & videography helps with this challenge by enhancing listings by providing unique, contextual views of the property. Since online listings generate most of the leads, most buyers and tenants begin their search online.

Uses & Benefits

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Real Estate Marketing

Allow potential investors/buyers to see the full scope of the property, including the surrounding area, major access points, popular nearby storefronts, parking lots and more.
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360° Panoramas

Offer an immersive experience with 360 photos and video for a full, virtual experience.
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Aerial Video Tours

Large properties benefit from drone tours by being able to focus on individual parts of the property.
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Land and Real Estate Investments

Explore a plot of land for future development and get a clearer picture of what’s surrounding the land.
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Traffic Monitoring

Allows potential investors to see how much car and foot traffic the property and area gets during any given time.
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Get beautiful, high-resolution aerial and ground imagery for print collateral, framed pictures for the office or for a variety of other creative uses.
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We also provide post-production services for all the footage we capture and produce a polished video complete with music, transitions, voiceover and visual analytics to add value to your marketing efforts.

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Certifications & Insurance

Our pilots are Part 107 certified by the Federal Aviation Administration. We also carry UAV insurance with the ability to provide our customers with a COI (Certificate of Insurance) upon request.

We are a DBE-certified business in the state of Georgia since 2017.

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