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Engage Your Audience

FPV (First Person View) drone footage offers dynamic and immersive footage that takes your audience on a thrilling visual journey through your facility, events and more.

The ability for FPV drones to get into tight spaces engages and captivates your audience with new and creative perspectives. These perspectives can make your brand stand out and add the WOW factor to your marketing/advertising campaigns, social media accounts or virtual tours.

Check out some examples of our work.

Take a look at what we’ve done for some of our customers.

Midtown Promenade
Midtown Promenade
Midtown Promenade
Our client wanted a cool way to capture the new storefront façades of this popular area with FPV.
Krog St. District
Krog Street Market
Krog Street District
We showcased this part of the Atlanta Beltline with FPV drones flying in, out and around the entire district.
Cantoni Luxury Furniture
Explore this one-take shot through this high-end luxury furniture store in Midtown Atlanta.
Ave East Cobb
Avenue East Cobb
Avenue East Cobb
Our client wanted to capture the grand opening of the remodeled, outdoor commercial space in Roswell.
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What are the benefits of FPV?

Tight Spaces

An FPV drone’s form factor and maneuverability allows it to squeeze through some of the smallest spaces, which helps keep the viewers watching.
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Keeping the viewer’s attention is paramount. FPV provides “attention-grabbing” moments that might make viewers wonder how the shots were done.
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FPV provides a new way of marketing/advertising your campaigns, promos & more. FPV can also be featured on your company’s website or trade show.
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Certifications & Insurance

Our pilots are Part 107 certified by the Federal Aviation Administration. We also carry UAV insurance with the ability to provide our customers with a COI (Certificate of Insurance) upon request.

We are a DBE-certified business in the state of Georgia since 2017.

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