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Drones in construction provide tremendous value by helping builders, developers and constructions firms save time and money while still obtaining actionable data and  high-quality imagery and video footage.

Uses & Benefits

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Site Progression

Getting an aerial view of the site’s progress provides a different perspective and appreciation for the totality of the job. From skidding, to grading, to framing, to completion, it’s a great way to historically document each phase of the entire job, all from the sky.
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Project Planning & Marketing

Showing the views of or from soon-to-be constructed buildings add value in the project planning phase and assist in making key decision. Drones are used to take aerial photos of the projected site and allows firms to superimpose renderings to gain a more realistic perspective of how the property may look in the future.
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Topographic Mapping

Drones can exponentially cut down on time spent visualizing a site’s topography. This helps to keep the project on schedule and on budget
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3D Modeling

High-resolution images produced by drones can be manipulated into 3D models that help in saving time and money by identifying any pre-construction challenges and potential mistakes.
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Pre-Construction Vibration Monitoring

Drilling on new construction sites can potentially cause some damage to surrounding structures. Drones are used to document the conditions of surrounding structures for evidence of pre-existing damage which the new builders cannot be held liable. Drones can vertically and horizontally scan elevations that detail the conditions of appurtenances, pools, parking garages, balconies, etc.

Additional benefits to using drones on construction sites are:

  • Providing comprehensive safety inspections and quality assurance to make certain that the area is safe and compliant with state and local building codes;
  • Determining progress rates and ensuring the project is moving according to schedule;
  • Keeping track of job site inventory, including equipment and materials;
  • Identifying areas where structural integrity may be a concern or discovering problems before they become expensive and difficult to fix and repair.
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Certifications & Insurance

Our pilots are Part 107 certified by the Federal Aviation Administration. We also carry UAV insurance with the ability to provide our customers with a COI (Certificate of Insurance) upon request.

We are a DBE-certified business in the state of Georgia since 2017.

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