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Aerial imagery can provide added-value to everything from campaigns to weddings that help elevate the story you want to convey. Events such as non-professional sporting events, weddings and graduations can use drones to make the moment more impactful if done right. Marketing sponsored events like festivals or parades can really capture perspectives that are not easy to come by.

Uses & Benefits

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Unique Perspectives

Aerial imagery isn’t new. However, it is a new option for those who couldn’t afford it through traditional methods. Use drones to capture personal moments such as a marriage proposal or gender reveal or aerials for a local events like festivals or concerts.
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Outdoor Marketing

Capture your outdoor marketing efforts such as billboards or sponsorship events used to promote what you do. It’s a great way to highlight the car and foot traffic in the area.
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Drones alone can rarely be used as a standalone, effective marketing solution. However, using drone photography or videography to add to your print or digital campaigns can give it an extra punch of creativity and flair.
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Atlanta highway with a Porsche billboard

We also provide post-production services for all the footage we capture and produce a polished video complete with music, transitions, voiceover and visual analytics to add value to your marketing efforts.

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Certifications & Insurance

Our pilots are Part 107 certified by the Federal Aviation Administration. We also carry UAV insurance with the ability to provide our customers with a COI (Certificate of Insurance) upon request.

We are a DBE-certified business in the state of Georgia since 2017.

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